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About Us

About ICFusion

We are a group of young entrepreneurs brought together by our trust and belief in one idea…."Doing good can be a good deal".Consumers are looking for "good deals" and Communities are in need of "good deeds". Though ICFusion we strive to provide the most efficient, dynamic and unique e-commerce platform that helps serve communities' needs without giving up on the great deals the consumers deserve.

ICFusion is in business to…

  • Help its Customers (consumers) save money by offering and delivering to them the best possible values on products and services direct from manufacturers / distributors,

  • Support Communities by leveraging the consumer power within them, use that collective power to generate funds for greater causes without losing competitiveness.

  • Provide to Manufacturers & Distributors a direct access to groups of consumers, so they can offer best possible values; saving money for consumers and also supporting communities in the process.

  • Promote Self-employment and Volunteering though our "Field Representative program", where individuals can get involved with ICFusion and make a positive difference in the community groups they belong to.

  • Be a socially responsible e-commerce company that puts interests of communities and genuine values to its consumers first.

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